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Meghan Markle versus the World: What Went Wrong?

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It has been quite an eventful week for Meghan and Harry, following their explosive tell-all interview with THE Oprah Winfrey. We’ve been discussing the situation extensively within our private Pink Pill group. (You have to have taken the official Pink Pill course if you would like to join our exclusive space.) I wanted to write about this issue sooner, but I have been trying desperately to find the full interview. It is not an easy feat for a Canadian with no television or VPN, but I have finally seen the explosive tell-all tale. As I know that my posts and the resulting comments section can get a little spicy, let me state from the jump that I believe Meghan and the story that she had put forward. Do I think that there might be a little extra sauce and some holes in the story? It is possible. By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to watch the full interview yet, this YouTube video offers a highlight reel of the most damning accusations:



Meghan is incredibly savvy. 

We have written at least a dozen articles about Meghan on the blog. Here at Beyond Black and White, Meghan has been known as a “Pink Pill Muse,” a lady with intelligence, beauty and poised who has managed to go where she is celebrated not tolerated. While I have been a fan of hers since seeing her on the show Suits and checking out her now-defunct website, The Tig, she has definitely made some serious power moves since then. We have covered her budding romance, engagement, pregnancy, jealous haters, family drama and more. She had a meteoric rise, and, in some ways, a serious fall from grace as well. I would like to go over this situation, based on my own thoughts and the feedback that I have seen across the web and back.  

Not many of us could have managed to have such an amazing list of men in rotation and practiced some serious mercenary mate selection. Once she realized that the man she was with could not take her career or personal trajectory where she wanted it to go, she would trade him in for a newer and better model. Do I hate her for it? Absolutely not. I respect the hustle. If she was a man, no one would blink twice at how cutthroat her dating strategy was. People continued to critique her when she decided to have a star-studded wedding, instead of inviting more of her family. 


She will always be hated for marrying above her station.

To be honest, I am disappointed, but not surprised at the conservative reactions to her interview, particularly the response from Candace Owens. Do not get me wrong. I definitely fall right of centre, and I have grown to appreciate, respect and even like Candace since the infamous George Floyd rant. That said, their trajectories seemed somewhat similar, in my opinion. They were both Americans who married Englishmen who were way above their station. Meghan married a prince, and Candace married a hedge funder with a father-in-law who belonged to the House of Lords. As I know that our fanbase is not the biggest fan of Candace, let me make my point quickly. TL;DR version, she did a series of interviews at her new organization, the Daily Wire, regarding the Meghan and Oprah interview. This snippet summed up her thoughts rather well.



At the end of the day, yes, Meghan was a D-list actress, who had likely hit her prime in Hollywood circles. If she hadn’t landed a bigger gig than a secondary character in a hit show, it wasn’t likely to happen for her at that point. All that said, I fail to see what is wrong with securing your bag and legacy through an advantageous marriage or strategic connections. If you could build a legacy with your bare hands or get a few shortcuts along the way with the help of friends, sponsors and mentors, which strategy would you chose? I honestly don’t care for this part of society, but it is something that we need to be aware of, as we continue to study how to date strategically and connect with others in higher echelons of society. 


That said, Meghan did not prepare herself.

I have been checking out the reactions to the interview. There has been widespread outrage and critique against Meghan, as well as outpourings of support. For the most part, we don’t have to think too hard about the demographics here. One comment that I have heard across the board is that Meghan was not ready for what this position held. She admitted some of her failings, but I would like to explore this more deeply. There were some points that she made in this interview, and in past ones, that gave me pause. Firstly, why didn’t she know how to curtsey?! I feel like most, if not all, North American girls grow up binge-watching Disney movies, and at least have an idea that this would be something to practice before meeting the queen, private session or not. Why did she not google her husband and the family? She claimed that she only wanted to see what Harry was showing her and that she only cared if he was kind. Really?



I hope that this is not true. I feel like a bit of an armchair critic, as I have not been in the dating game like that (more to come in another post). As such, this post will serve as a lesson for me too. Ladies, please let us do the basics. Google is your friend, and it is free. Research your man. Find out about his friends. Connect with his family. Do as much research as you can in the forefront, and continue to study and observe as you move forward in your relationship.


The media was quick to point out any flaws or mistakes that Meghan made as a royal, from bare legs to her political opinions and more. I would like to discuss the media’s involvement in her departure in the next article. That said, their impact cannot be ignored nor understated. Some people claimed that she rose to power in order to be a voice, an influencer or a pundit of sorts, but soon realized that she was behind a gilded cage. I liken it to a fish in the ocean is suddenly transplanted into a fishbowl. None of us know what that’s like. I’m sure she was under a lot of pressure, which definitely contributed to her mental health and wellbeing. (I would like to cover that issue as well, at a later date.)


It would have been a great strategy to continue to network and build strong connections along the way to the palace and while behind its walls. None of us can say that she did not do so. She claims in the interview that she and the queen had a warm relationship and that she was building a connection with her sister-in-law, despite some bumps and tears in the road. That said, it sounds like she still had no rapport or support from “the firm,” or the set of individuals who support and influence the royal family. They did not support her mental health, her connection with friends, the understanding of royal protocol and more. I wish I could credit the specific television commenter who said this thought, but I have watched more videos on this situation that I can count. (If I find the link, I’ll put it into the article.) The commentator said that although the media continued to mock Kate and call her “Waitey Katey,” maybe, if Meghan had taken a similar time to prepare, she might have better understood the game and navigated the space. 


All of this information provided is definitely a lot to think about. I am going to conclude this part of the article here. I have more thoughts on this issue, but I wanted to cut it short so people can digest the information I conveyed more easily. This part of the article was intended to take lessons from her introduction and rise into the family, but there is so much more to explore. The firm is not off the hook here. I think that the issues of race, family dynamics, mental health and media bullying absolutely cannot be ignored. Thank you so much to the Beyond Black and White family for this platform and for hearing my thoughts. I am excited to continue this conversation with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Christelyn’s recent chat on YouTube, covering this topic.

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