‘Swirling of a Different Kind’: Interracial Adoptions…How Do Those REALLY Work Out?


Ms Karazin and friends:  you commented on one of my posts that you would like for me to write about my perspective as a white parent/couple adopting … [Read more...]

Death of a Legend: Soap Goddess, Jeanne Cooper Died This Week!


I am an unapologetic fan of the soaps. Did I mention I won't apologize? I've been watching Young & The Restless since college. One look at … [Read more...]

As a Black Woman I Do Not Support Charles Ramsey!

African Woman Closeup

This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Beyond Black & White writers or the blog owner.    You have probably … [Read more...]

Expansion of Background Checks: Dead or on Delay?


The tragic and highly publicized issues with gun violence in this country have recently prompted huge debate in Congress.  Though originally centered … [Read more...]

BET Heiress Marries a Rainbeau! Just Goes to Show Rich Folks Want Ratchet For Eveyone Else EXCEPT Their Own.


By now you've probably heard that Paige Johnson, heiress to the ratchety B.E.T. empire, was recently wed. Wait. Did she marry Lil Wayne? Ludacris? … [Read more...]

Do We Really Want “Our Stories” Told?

Thinking Woman

I was just thinking the other day about the way some Black people online complain that they want to see more of "our stories" being told in the media … [Read more...]

Pencil Or Marker: Who Gets To Tell The Story of You….And Why…?


I have so much to say to the people that read this blog that it gets hard to know where to start. If I told you that I had been writing to you, the … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever” (A Spoof)

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 8.36.18 AM

CHAPTER ONE   I purse my lips in frustration, brush my hair back, and tame it with the last bit of gel left in the jar. Damn, my weave is … [Read more...]

Janelle Monáe Proves That a Brown Girl Can Be a Q.U.E.E.N.

janelle monae

First, of all, I will just begin by saying, brown women everywhere, please stand up. Janelle Monáe released her new video this week for her single … [Read more...]

New Study Reveals 72% of Women Don’t Call Themselves Feminists

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.31.19 AM

It looks like the discussions we have had about feminism on this blog have not happened in a vacuum. The debate continues about whether many--NOT … [Read more...]

Watch Out for First World Problems!

thinking girl

This post will really bother some of you so watch out! I feel that this needs to be said to show some balance and a different view.  This post is … [Read more...]