Some Serious Baby-Bumpin’! Halle Berry Steps Out, Very, Very Preggers.


Check out your girl, Halle Berry out on the town with Nahla Aubrey. According to reports, the new wife of "The Squinter" is due any day. All I can say … [Read more...]

#Throwback Thursday: Martin

Cast of 'Martin'

Martin was the name of a comedic sitcom that aired for five seasons from 1992 to 1997. The eponymous show was named after comedian Martin Lawrence, … [Read more...]

Where Were You On 9/11?


I still remember as clear as day where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news about the horrible terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.  I was at … [Read more...]

Unapologetic Swirler Zoe Saldana Gets Hitched!


This just in from US Weekly: Zoe Saldana off the market! The Blood Ties actress and beau MarcoPerego secretly tied the knot in London in June, Us … [Read more...]

Is $15 An Hour Unreasonable Pay for Flipping Burgers?


Let me just fast forward to the answer of the question in the title of this post: No, I don't think $15 an hour is unreasonable pay for flipping … [Read more...]

You CRAY, Mayor Bloomberg! Showing off your beautiful interracial family is not racist.


Now that Bill de Blasio may actually be close to winning his campaign for Mayor of New York, some of his detractors are starting to let their claws … [Read more...]

A US President Wants to Bomb a Middle Eastern Country? Heard That One Before…

Barack Obama

Something told me that awarding Barack Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize barely 10 months into his first term as President was a bit … [Read more...]

Reality TV Star Evelyn Lozada on Why She Married an Abuser: “I Just Wanted to Be Married”


Now I know that many of the BB&W regulars HATE reality TV shows featuring black women who aren't afraid to turn on the ratchet--namely, shows like … [Read more...]

Gratuitous Photo of the Day

Zach bubbles

I'm finally getting serious about my photography and am entering into the wily world of Photoshop and this is the first thing I've done I'm happy with … [Read more...]

Who Owns a Black Woman’s Womb?


*gets behind a podium* *clears throat*   Blogmistress, moderators, community regulars, lurkers and guests-   The black … [Read more...]