Challenge to the Hoteps: Celebrate This Woman! Make Videos About HER!!


This woman right here. That black community STAYS telling us we ain’t worth sh%t. We are less than. Everything is our fault. This right here is what makes black women AWESOME. And to HELL with whomever person, black, white or other, who refused to acknowledge it!!! Look at what black women continue to do, despite getting kicked in the teeth!!!

Bree Newsome put on climbing gear and took it upon herself to make a change.

I want to see all the black men who spit on women like this, who take your mess, your constant criticism of our very person and humanity, to celebrate BREE Newsome. Oh, and look who offered to pay her bail. Not Farrakhan. Not Sharpton. Not Jackson.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.21.03 PM

But all white people are evil…riiiiiiight?

How about Bree? Is she enough? Is she worthy? Or…


Bree Newsome, left, and James Tyson. (South Carolina Department of Public Safety)


Oh wait. I think she wears fake hair. Let’s all mock her and call her a “hair hat.”

Oh!!! And her accomplice is a white guy. Let’s call her a bed wench.


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