WTF is WRONG with the Police? Teen Girl Gets Hair Pulled, Handcuffed by Cretin Police Officer

I’m literally speechless right now. Just saw the video of the young, black teenagers in Texas gathered to have some end-of-the-year fun in typical suburban fashion. A pool party in an upscale neighborhood drew the concern of residents because…well…too many damn black people were showing up. Never mind that these kids were obviously well spoken and the boys looked like cute little nerds. The police officer (now suspended) at one point throws down a little girl, pulls her braids, handcuffs and sits on her like she’s a calf in a rodeo. You can hear her sobs and cries for her parents. Oh my God.

That little girl could have been my Maxi. They are both around the same age. This memory, during the age in which she should be carefree, enjoying summer and crushing on boys, is now marred by trauma. The scariest part is that this were appear to be good kids! They were polite and deferential to that beast of a cop and he was still an asshole. I’m also puzzled as to why the adults just stood by and watched this mess.

He pulls a gun. Curses. Runs around like a black ops soldier.

What I’m beginning to realize is that this abuse isn’t a novelty. But the use of cameras is bringing a lot of this ugliness to light.

From a CNN analyst:

No justification’

CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI assistant director Tom Fuentes watched the YouTube video and harshly criticized the officer who wrestled the girl.

The officer appeared to be “running around escalating” a situation that should have quickly calmed, he said.

Fuentes said there appeared to be “no justification” for the way the juveniles, particularly the girl, were treated.

The fact that she was wearing a bikini indicated that she was “clearly not armed,” he said.

The officer appeared to be “running around almost like a one-man band,” he said, and other officers appeared to distance themselves from him. “The other officers that are there don’t really come right to him to give him a hand. I’m wondering what’s going through their minds, ‘Get me away from this guy. He’s out of control.’

“He’s out of control. He clearly has no self-discipline. He lost control of his temper. Nothing good can happen at that point. Thankfully he didn’t shoot somebody.”

Update: Video of the girl hosting the party. Looks like the white residents attacked first.

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