You Tried It: On Unsuitable Men Hiding Behind “Feminism”


In my previous article on the whole "gold digger" meme, I said the following: It is really tiring to me when I see people throwing [the word gold … [Read more...]

Talking To My Bi-Racial Kids About Black History Month

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On the outside looking in, folks might think being in an interracial marriage means we're obsessed with discussing race. We're not. We're just like … [Read more...]

What We Thought All Along! Internet Trolls are Sociopaths, Narcissists, and Sadists

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And people wonder why we moderate the hell out of this blog.  This just in from Slate... In the past few years, the science of Internet … [Read more...]

The Sad Story of Sandra Laing: A tale of White Privilege, Rejection and Fetishism

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Have you heard of Sandra Laing? Her story, though originating in apartheid South Africa, will likely resonate with us here.  From the Guardian: The … [Read more...]

Parisian Figure Skating Pair Vanessa James and Morgan Cipris are Hot Enough to Melt the Ice

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The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are underway, which, for ice skating aficionado's means multiple chances to watch lithe athletic women being hoisted in … [Read more...]

Michonne…. The Magnificent (Or My Reason to Discuss Walking Dead and Danai Gurira)

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Yeah, baby!! I survived the season hiatus to tune in to watch the premier of The Walking Dead and so did Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There was … [Read more...]

Chile Bye: Black Women Are More Than the Length of Their Hair

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I'm trying to get my life together and work on things more compelling in this second month of the new year and, dammit, if Facebook doesn't make it … [Read more...]

How Much, If Anything, Do the Beneficiaries of Profits From Slavery Owe to the Descendants of Former Slaves?

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Turns out Benedict Cumberbatch's fine arse is the descendant of plantation owners who got super from owning sugar-cane producing plantation in the … [Read more...]

End Racial Descriptions in Crime Alerts – What the Cuss?

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(credit: CBS)   There has been a recent uproar at the University of Minnesota because a black student was misidentified as a burglary suspect.  … [Read more...]

OK, So You Possibly Hate (Or Love) Beyoncé’s New Album, But At Least You Now Know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is

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She deserves the hype. And by "she," I'm referring to Nigerian feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Beyoncé's recent eponymous album--and the … [Read more...]

Changing Lanes: Are Biracial People Wrong for Using The Power of Ambiguity to Their Advantage?

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On the heels of Super Bowl XLVIII that featured the halftime show featuring Bruno Mars we've got a plethora of articles regarding this mixed raced … [Read more...]