2000’s Fashions That are Making a Comeback

Written by Saran Lawson

You may want to hit the gym early because they’re trying to make us wear low riders again. I know what a few people are saying, “I don’t have to wear them if I don’t want to.”. I understand, BUT as a person who knows a thing or three about clothes; I’ll let you in on something. If enough people make this popular again, say goodbye to ever finding regular jeans again. Every cute pair of pants that you’ll ever find will be by Low Riders featuring DJ Muffin Top with appearances from Lil Booty Crack. We’ll see ourselves trying to find long shirts that cover our backsides when we sit. Shirt dresses will be a thing again. Which essentially means shirt dresses with leggings will be coming back. The 2000s are coming for us with an angry vengeance to reclaim more victims. So with the New Year and New Decade, I would like to make one of my beloved playlists. Behold, three things that are making a comeback from the 2000s.  

The Nightmare of Low Rider Pants

I already mentioned the travesty of the Low Rider. I’m interested to see how they will put a spin on these babies. Aesthetically if worn correctly, they weren’t terrible. Here is the issue. Before there was a thing called Body Positivity, there wasn’t. Low Riders were essentially made for people with rock hard abs and zero body fat. Also, they grossly underestimated anyone having the correct panties to wear underneath, which resulted in the peek a boo thong and tramp stamp tattoos. This is totally fine for spring breakers and celebrities. The average person has places to go like work, church, or school. There wasn’t a place you could go to find regular pants during this time. It was a miracle if you could find low riders high enough to cover your panties. Our torsos looked super long and trying to tuck anything into low riders was a constant battle. Trying to find any that fit over your thighs was basically an entire day in the dressing room. Not to mention if you have any sort of derriere, it definitely coming out of those pants with no problem. Fashion experts expect the trend to be back in the spring of 2020.  

That Time There was ONLY Shimmer Eyeshadow

Pat McGrath is single-handedly responsible for bringing back this one. It’s the all over icy/metallic lid. Remember when the only eyeshadow you could get your hands on had shimmer in it? So, the result was an entire shimmer eye? It was terrible in the 2000’s because makeup definitely wasn’t entirely brown girl friendly. There wasn’t an eyeshadow palette available that didn’t have a ton of white, light grey and pastel shimmers in it. The only saving grace was the occasional black or dark grey shimmer.

Well, makeup has come a LONG way in the last 20 years. Instagram and Youtube were invented and with it came people of color beauty influencers. With the help of Rihanna (a queen I stan), beauty influencers have opened up the eyes of major makeup companies. This, in turn, has forced them to be more inclusive of darker skin tones. Let’s not forget that 2000’s shimmer shadows were quite powdery. Makeup scientists have really figured out how to create shadows that are more effective with shimmer, glitter and metallic effects. They have been able to isolate the matte shadow and intensify the pigment making it its own thing. I’m here for the all-over shimmer/metallic effect as a look.

The Blessing of Velour Fabric

Thank God this made a return. Some people may disagree. However, it is hands down one of the most comfortable affordable fabrics I have ever let grace this body. You’ll have to just trust me if you didn’t have the pleasure of dawning this trend. There are so many things right with this one that I can’t just nail down a few. The year 2018 is actually the year responsible for this trend coming back. I’m actually not sure how long it will stay a thing. Hopefully, it will be long enough for me to enjoy lounging around in faux velvet. In the early 2000’s it gave off a Soprano/Jenny from The Block vibe. If you type Velour into popular Insta fashion site, Fashion Nova, search bar you will find 60 styles that dawn velour. There are a few in that classic velour tracksuit style. Nonetheless, most have updated the look or transformed the fabric completely. 


What trends are you the most or least excited about returning? Sound off in the comment section below. Tell us a story or two. We love hearing from our readers! 

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