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Best Picture: An Oscar-Worthy Kiss

Note: this post is highlighting a beautiful moment between Brad Pitt and Regina King at the 92nd Academy Awards. We cannot definitively say whether or not they are in a relationship. Any comments surrounding that idea are pure speculation. 

Ah, Oscar season is upon us. In case you missed it, the internet has been ablaze with comments, critiques and congratulations for all nominees, snubs and winners of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. I personally saw a small snippet of the Oscars, as I am typically a member of the TL;DW club, and prefer checking in on the Twitter timeline for updates. I love checking out everyone’s fashion choices, à la Aretha Franklin, and discuss the winners. Despite that, there was an unexpected moment that took over the feed: Brad Pitt’s steamy kiss with Regina King. 

According to major news outlets and the Twitterverse, Regina was presenting the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and announced Brad as the winner. He joyfully ran onto the stage, accepted his award and said his speech. The two looked rather cozy as they walked off stage together. (May I stop for a minute and acknowledge how lovely they both looked? Regina looked like one of those black Holiday Barbies from back in the day, and he looked sharp and dashing in his suit. It was such a pleasure seeing them dressed up for the occasion. While pink is not a colour I love, I have to admit that it looks amazing on dark skin.)

Could you imagine, of all the women he could have chosen to celebrate and uplift in that moment of success, he chose a beautiful black woman? Brad Pitt has long enjoyed a career of being the most attractive man in Hollywood. Can you imagine, the hottest man in Hollywood uplifting one of our beautiful, brown-skinned black sisters? What kind of message and tone does that set in today’s day and age? We are truly experiencing a moment like no other. Our IT girl moment is not over. We are still continuing to shine brightly. Let us continue to ride the wave. I honestly hope that some producer sees this hype and creates a movie with them as the costars.

According to reports, they both enjoyed two steamy kisses (that we know of). We got to enjoy some spicy tweets while enjoying and encouraging the exchange. I thought that their display was sweet and tasteful. In an ideal situation, I hope that we each find someone who sees the beauty in us and wishes to show off their love with the world. I would never deny Brad Pitt’s hotness (sacrilege!), or a woman the opportunity to get lip-locked with him. However, I do wonder if this was just a publicity stunt or him getting caught up in the moment. 

I would not necessarily recommend them getting serious though. Could you imagine entertaining a man, twice-divorced, with SEVEN kids?! Plus, as a long-standing member of #teamJen, I am a little wary of any woman he picks up. That said, let me not be a petty Betty. Everyone has a past, and people can grow and develop from the mistakes of the past. If they turn out to be a real couple, this would be an excellent opportunity to discuss the advantages of swirling as a more seasoned dater. (Christelyn has a guide on the advantages of swirling as an older black woman, if you would like to check it out.) I will also acknowledge that Brad has put his money into supporting black film projects, as a producer of the film 12 Years a Slave. Say what you will about the film (I have not seen it), but it really helped to launch Lupita Nyong’o’s career. Plus, it’s not like he has not been open to swirling in the past…

I am so happy for Regina, whether it is simply being chosen for this moment of celebration, or, potentially, what could come from this public display of affection. I do note that while they could have taken up time on stage to engage in public displays of affection, they instead choose to enjoy some special time together off stage. I will admit, that makes me rest a bit easier, as this experience seems more genuine this way.

To Brad and Regina, I say, “Feel free to give us more public displays of affection. It was beautiful to see. I will just sit here and live vicariously through you two.” It was such a sweet and tender moment. Hopefully, this post put on your faces just like it did ours. I think that moment will be remembered for years to come. Why not offer your thoughts? I would love to hear from you. What did you think of the kiss between Brad Pitt and Regina King? Do you think they could be more than friends? How does this make you feel as a woman, or a man, interested in swirling? How can we capitalize on moments like these in our everyday lives? 


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