Does Good Sex Matter…and If So How Much?

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As the resident sex-pert and relationship voyeur I'm often asked questions about the birds, the bees among and between humans. I'm not … [Read more...]

Come Hither: First Date Suggestions For Awesome People…

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Sooooooo...where were we? Previously we discussed how to become a man magnet and phone niceties for noobies. Oh, yeah,  he likes you. You like him. … [Read more...]

Proud to Be Black Y’all….But Not Necessarily: The Bi-Racial Conflict


I'm stoked to see the 'what if' questions dancing around the site. For those of you who have not yet had children, and for those of you that do, … [Read more...]

Video: Skinfolk Ain’t Always Kinfolk–Culture Often Clash in “Swirling”

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A common misconception that I often hear from (mostly) black people is that somehow having the same skin color automatically means you will enjoy a … [Read more...]

Come Hither: Bees in the Trap (So He’s Checking Me Out…Now What Do I Do!?)

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If you read the first part of my little 'how to' on being a man magnet diva, you already learned a few new tricks meant to catch the eye of any red … [Read more...]

Come Hither: A Lesson in Being a Man Magnet

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Did I hear someone say they wanted to read about way in which to attract men? I'm sure I did, and since I'm privy to a life that many of you lovely … [Read more...]

Watch Those Potholes While on Your Way to Greener Pastures


The ladies of the sites have written in detail about the general NWNW/BBW theme's insistence that White doesn't necessarily equal RIGHT when it comes … [Read more...]

VintageNarcissa: Potential Rainbeaus Now Closer Than Ever


The other day, I showered and dressed all pretty, and did my hair, preparing to visit my dear boyfriend. I wore shorts and a nice stop, and my … [Read more...]

Five Quirky Reasons for the Rise of Interracial Marriage

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This piece will appear in the Huffington Post soon, but I thought I'd share it with the crew first... Five Unexpected Contributors to the Rise of … [Read more...]

Is Anyone Else Tired Of All The IR Lectures Directed At Black Women?


I did my regular facebook check and I stumbled across this gem It isn’t that my friend isn’t smart, beautiful, funny, charming, and a great cook. … [Read more...]

(Pre) Loving Day Celebration: “Swirling” Book Giveaway!

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For many of us on this blog, the Loving Day, the anniversary of the 1967 ruling that legally sanctioned Richard and Mildred Loving's marriage like a … [Read more...]