The Unfair ‘Options’ Media Message: What Do These Two Magazine Covers Tell You?

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As a former public relations executive, I can tell you without any doubt that the media sends us messages--messages that we expect, messages that … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


Some people wonder why this blog continues to talk about black men in reference to black women dating interracially. It would seem at the surface, … [Read more...]

“A Beautiful Burden” One Man’s Commentary on Managing Cultural Differences

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By "Zac Onbothsides"   Ok. We’ve established that there’s an attraction, we’ve even talked about the awkwardness of expressing it,  or … [Read more...]

Ladies, Do NOT Date Interracially if You’re Too Suspicious of White Men. Please. Just…Don’t. (Letter)

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A non-black man just sent me the email below regarding an exchange he had with a black woman on OKCupid that he found attractive. This woman is so … [Read more...]

Utter Hypocrisy: Let’s Talk About All the Dudes Hating On Eve’s Marriage

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Sigh...a segment of people invested in keeping black women in an inferior position (and I say "people," because this group is composed of both black … [Read more...]

And This is Why We Still Talk About Black Men On Beyond Black & White.

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People often wonder why this site sometimes discusses the relationships black men have with black women. The criticism is often, "If you've moved on … [Read more...]

Pella’s Rebuttal: When Women are the Misogynist.

Reader Response

By Pella I penned my last essay to start a discussion about the entitlement to women's bodies, which (whoooo) it sure did create a discussion. … [Read more...]

What’s the Message Here? He’ll Marry His Baby’s Mom If She’s…

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Okay so we all know that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian FINALLY tied the knot this weekend in Florence, Italy. I for one am glad the whole fiasco is … [Read more...]

QOTW: Black Father Blames Himself for Daughter’s Interracial Dating Choice

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Here's the question: Dear Christelyn , A very heart breaking issue has arisen in my family because of my dating preferences. A brief history: I … [Read more...]

Black Women Who Seek To Eliminate Themselves “Out Of Love”

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I feel a mixture of compassion and frustration with black women who are determined to degrade themselves in the pursuit of seeking validation from … [Read more...]