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That Awkward Privilege: The Mixed Power Status of Black Men (reposted)

[This post was originally published 11/03/2011. There were 61 comments back then. I have not been able to figure out how to make those old comments … [Read more...]

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How About THIS Version of the Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial?

Hey all, check out another version of the Cheerios Super Bowl commercial that's taking America by storm, featuring The Hubster, and my two youngest … [Read more...]

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Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine: The Lighter Side of the Colorism Coin

The life of a light skinned Black female can be an amazingly confusing place. The fact of the matter is that I didn't necessarily understand my … [Read more...]

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QOTW: Black Woman Wonders About Interracial Dating After 40

The Letter... Hi Christelyn, I came across the BB&W website chance through a FB friends repost of a picture from the Interracial Dating … [Read more...]

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Blended African European Wedding Down Under

Enjoy these wedding photos of glam bride Christine and handsome groom Daryl.  They celebrated and African-European blended ceremony in their home … [Read more...]

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Eve Lands New Interracial Comedy Sitcom on ABC

Well, well, well. Looks like Eve is having an awesome start to her 2014. With a billionaire at her side, and a refined and mature image these days, … [Read more...]


Leona’s Love Quest: Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?

  Happy New Year fellow questers! Yes, I’m still out here searching for the love of my life. I’m hoping the New Year might bring me some new … [Read more...]

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Dear “I’m Here To Find My Black Queen” Black Men

Dear "I'm Here To Find My Black Queen" Black Men, Hello, how are things? Is the new year off to a good start? I hope so. :) I see that more and … [Read more...]

Be Able to Recognize

Women, PLEASE Recognize When You Are Being Played. Good Looking and Gainfully Employed Men NEVER Have a Problem Finding a Woman. EVER.

An interesting discussion is happening on the BB&W fan page because I posted this comment: Ladies, recognize when you are being played. We all … [Read more...]

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Ciara Gets the Ring: Joins #TeamBabyMomma of B-List Urban Producer With Child Support Issues

You may or may not have heard of the singer Ciara, if you didn't, don't be alarmed. She's known in Hip Hop to be the muse of Missy Elliot who rose to … [Read more...]

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QOTW: “Is My Long-Distance Relationship a Big, Fat, Fake?”

I received this note from a reader a few weeks ago: "I am a single parent of twin seven year old boys and I live in Trinidad. I have known my … [Read more...]

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Interracial Families Spotlighted on Katie Couric

Take a look at the couple who started the page, "We Are the 15 Percent," and comic and  friend of BB&W, Alex Barnett talk about the increase of … [Read more...]

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Nicky and David – From School Crush to Marriage

William and Kate Who???  Nicole "Nicky" and David Snide are one of the most romantic couples I have come across in the last two years.  I often post … [Read more...]