Question of the Week

How can I get back in the dating game after a 20-year marriage?

I ran across your post and decided to ask a few questions. My 45th birthday is coming up and I wanted to start dating again. I have been divorced for 3 years (after a 20 year marriage) and I haven’t met any quality men in my city of Birmingham Alabama. Your blogs have made me rethink dating outside my race (I’m a BW). However, men of other races don’t seem to be open to BW in my city. 

My questions;

How do I find step-by-step information about creating a quality dating profile online?

Online dating is definitely a prime way to meet potential suitors, and the stigma surrounding it is nothing like it used to be even 5 years ago. There are several articles on creating a quality dating profile on the blog, like this one, describing three tips to create a bombshell online profile, this video by Christelyn herself about overcoming feeling invisible online and getting noticed, or this one, which gives lots of tips and tricks/examples on what to include (and what not to include!) in your profile. Check out this link for even more information on crafting a great online profile.

What is your advice on how to meet/men of other races in southern cities like mine?

Dating in the Deep South as a black woman can be a challenge, but not impossible. Make sure you vet ALL races of men who approach you, because unfortunately, racism tends to be a little more insidiously prevalent around those parts. Frequent areas that have a worldlier, more educated type of man, like museums, charity dinners, or high-end fitness clubs. If there is a red flag you notice in a potential suitor, do not ignore it! If you can, definitely get out and travel, nationally and internationally. Of course, by improving your dating profile with the tips above, that can broaden your geographic horizons! If you cast a wide net, you may catch a whale (outside Alabama).

How do I make myself more attractive to men? (No one has approached me in awhile)

Attractiveness is always subjective, but here are some universal tips. Maintain a healthy weight in relation to your height. Play up your feminine charms with a genuine smile, flattering makeup, and self-confidence. Here is another video by Christelyn providing more tips and tricks!


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