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Twenty Six Year Old Southern Guy Takes On Swirling in the South, Starts Blog

OMG he's adorable. He calls himself, "YoungTeach" because yes, at 26, he's young, and works as a music teacher to a predominately African … [Read more...]

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“Goddess” and a “Hottie” Sitting in a Tree…

When I saw this picture on my news feed I was just tickled to death. Well, near death. I love that Niki Chambers, a former BB&W Goddess, and … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Jack Milici

Some of the more mature ladies on this board have been nagging me about getting some "hotties" on here that don't qualify as jail bait. Meet … [Read more...]


Niki Chambers: BOINKABLE Hotties, Super Bowl Edition!

I love football. I belong to an all female fantasy football league (named Cougar Blood…yeah, wasn’t my idea) and I took first place in the league … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Pete, the Canuck!

Pete Palaschuk, 35, lives in freezing cold Calgary, in the United States of Canada. Yes; of course I know it's not really called that, but it's so … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “Is it ‘Interracial’ When Blacks and Latinos Date?”

I got this cute note from a twenty-something man on Facebook and I just couldn't resist: Hi there, How are you doing? My name is Armando Gil. Just … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Manny, the Trifecta Latin Mix!

In honor of Veteran's Day weekend, I thought it apropos to feature this Mexican, Italian and Greek bit of gorgeousness for your viewing (and possible … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Midwestern Hunk, Sam Tucker

Ladies, or shall I say, girls, meet Sam Tucker, 20 years old, of Springfield, Missouri. What the heck is it with Midwestern dudes? Do they put … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: Jason Hendrix!

No disclaimer on this one...I've chatted with him and he's a nice guy...also, a Facebook friend of mine can't stop saying good stuff about him, … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Stephen, Looking for his “Queen”

Hey Christelyn, thanks for the feature! Honestly, being this open with a stranger goes a bit against my nature, so I'm thinking about this as a … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: ‘ANTONIO!’ Uh…I Mean, Nicholas Russo

First off, I call every I-tal-ian guy I know 'Antonio.' In my mind, ANTONIO is talk, dark, sexy, with beautiful lips and eyes, and speaks to me in … [Read more...]


Hottie of the Week: Daniel Demaline

Daniel, 39, is a six-foot-plus Louisiana bundle of hawtness. Look at those ridiculously big blue eyes. He's been married once to a black woman, but … [Read more...]

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Evia Is Right: “DBR” Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

Evia is the QUEEN of vetting, which DOES not have ANYTHING to do with veterinarians, but EVERYTHING to do with knowing how to choose a quality mate. … [Read more...]