Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: A “Bonanno”!!

With a name like that, it was impossible to resist teasing him about it. All the mafia movies I grew up loving–Good Fellas, The Godfather, and the other movie that Christian Slater starred in back when he was HAWT.

I resisted the urge to ask him if he knows THE BONANNOS, or if he’s related to them. That’s just rude.

You know what’s interesting about I-tal-ian men? They seem to be drawn to black women because I have discovered, common characteristics of Italian women are often recognized by the men. One in particular, a hoity-toity legislator who lives in one of the fanciest cities in the U.S. told me he loves black women because he thinks they’re beautiful, but also because they remind him of his mom. Man. The Moors did some number on those Southern Italians, huh?

Philip, 44, works his family trucking business in Staten Island and has a seven-year-old biracial daughter (she’s a beaut). “I am looking for a serious relationship, no games, no stress, honesty, and a woman with a sense of humor,” he told me.

Oh. He also said this. “I do lean more towards black woman, my experience is they are upfront from the get go. I love the hair, eyes, the movement of their bodies, I usually get heart palpatations when I see a beautiful women its crazy right????? lol its a craving.”

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