Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: ‘ANTONIO!’ Uh…I Mean, Nicholas Russo

First off, I call every I-tal-ian guy I know ‘Antonio.’ In my mind, ANTONIO is talk, dark, sexy, with beautiful lips and eyes, and speaks to me in Italian. He could be reading a grocery list, and it would be alright with me.

That’s EXACTLY what I think of Nicholas Russo, who is super fine, super sexy, and super nice, and 24-years-old, so he’s fresh meat to the youngins’ in the group.

You might remember Nicholas when I featured him and his then girlfriend, who is 18. The gap and age and maturity caused a strain, so that’s finito. But warning, don’t be putting your last name with his, because he’s licking his wounds a bit, but he’s open to friendship, and seeing what goes from there.

Which works great when you dating and in college.

Nicholas lives in Parma, Italy, and can speak Italian and English. I don’t have to put the disclaimer about him maybe killing you because he and I have grown to be friends, and he gets my O.K.

So why does he love us black girls so much? I’ll let him tell you.

Well, Chris, I always been attracted to black girls,they are beautiful. I like their beautiful and sexy skin color, their incredible passion. The way they love their men is unique. I also like their love for the family and traditions. Can I say that I like everything? A whole day is not enough to say what I like, trust me!”

Go ahead Nicholas. We’ll be here all week.

Find and friend ANTONIO here.

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