Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Jack Milici

Some of the more mature ladies on this board have been nagging me about getting some “hotties” on here that don’t qualify as jail bait. Meet fifty-year-old, Jack Milici of Sewickley, Pennsylvania. He’s an investigator for the State of Pennsylvania, and has a degree from St. Joseph’s University (which makes sense; he’ Catholic).

From the sound of it, he’s every woman’s dream: he likes museums, cooking, long weekend trips, reading a good book and generally avoiding smoking and bars.

Jack has always had an attraction to black women, but as with many men of his generation, swirling was hard during the Stone Ages. (Just kidding). “I caved in to peer pressure in my younger days. Now I won’t. I have external support by people like you,” he told me. Jack, flattery will get you everywhere. Except on a date with me. But lucky for you, there’s TONS of wimmins here that might be great potential for you.

Has never been married, and is single by choice. But…

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