Hottie of the Week

Evia Is Right: “DBR” Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

Evia is the QUEEN of vetting, which DOES not have ANYTHING to do with veterinarians, but EVERYTHING to do with knowing how to choose a quality mate. You can also call this “fielding,” which I do on a light basis when I present the “Hottie of the Week” for your consumption every Sunday whenever after sleeping in until after 9:30. Because I’m pressed to spend the dough for a background check, I still have to include the disclaimer: Don’t come crying to me if he kills you.

I won’t lie. First thing I do is check the visuals. I found one yummy looking guy on Sunday who happens to be a Facebook fan of the page, and I thought…whoo hoo! low hanging fruit. Then I go in. I scan his profile, make sure he has a job, if he has kids, anything else I can glean. After they pass the initial smell test, I send them a private message, ask them if they’re single, but not for me, but for someone else. A bunch of “someones” actually. Sometimes they don’t believe me, so I send a link to “Hotties” past.

This particular guy had a beautiful bi-racial daughter, so I attempted to bond over our kids. I quickly found out he and his black baby mama were together for seven years, but never married. He says she wasn’t happy, so she left. (Just a thought but, maybe she “wasn’t happy” because she’s been witch-cho arse for seven years without a marriage. But I’m just guessing). As if that wasn’t enought, he then tells me he has a one-year-old son by another woman, who he is NOT with, never married. I asked him why this relationship resolved, and he gave me a flim-flamy excuse. He also added this little doozy: he didn’t have any pictures of his son because he was “waiting for them to come in.” REALLY? Pictures take 15 months to develop? What a maroon.

You know what’s ironic? He told me he was looking for a marriage-minded partner. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA! Sorry dude. I won’t be helping you find your next she-dummy.

It’s always good to learn about vetting not related to veterinarians, so read Evia’s blog. I’m in the process of fielding a book, Stuck With Mr. Wrong: Ten Steps to Starring in you own Life Story, and I’m sure there’s something in there that co-signs me skipping Mr. Multiple Baby Daddy.

But take heart! I found another, even YUMMIER looking guy who has no kids, a job, and is going places. Stay tuned; you’ll meet him soon.

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