Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Pete, the Canuck!

Pete Palaschuk, 35, lives in freezing cold Calgary, in the United States of Canada.

Yes; of course I know it’s not really called that, but it’s so close to us it might as well be. Canada seems like a cool place to swirl, since from all accounts I hear it’s not a big deal to see interracial couples peppering landscape. I suspect, like in the U.S., Canada is pretty socially liberal in large cities where lots of nationalities meld into the pot. But!–like here in the U.S.– go to the country a bit and it might look a lot like a freezing Montgomery, Alabama. I say this because I kinda know. I once did publicity for a gift ware company that contracted some Canadian artists–and you know how whacky artists can be about their environment–some want to be close to Bambi and all that. I interviewed one backwoods artist for fodder on an upcoming catalog, made small talk before I just went in with the questions, and long story short, dude didn’t know I’m black and started bad-talking the black Canucks! Next question I asked him is if he’s married to his first cousin. I was laid off soon after. (That story is mostly true. Some parts have been elaborated for effect.)

Anyway, back to Pete. As you can see by the looks of his ADORABLE seven-year-old daughter, he categorically DOES NOT live in the backwoods, freezing Canada-bama. He’s never been married, but regrets doing things a bit backwards–his handle is ‘babydaddy’ on AIM. (-_-) and is now at the point in his life that he is desiring a serious, long-term relationship.

Pete owns a painting company that specializes in new housing developments. Warning! He is one of a set–he has an identical twin. I asked him if he and his brother have ever shared girlfriends and he hold me “no,” but…

Anyway, I feel like I’ve said too much.

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