Hottie of the Week

The “Hottie of the Week” That Never Was.

I swear. Sometimes I think Facebook should be renamed Assbook. Because–I swear–I’m not bragging, but I can get the sketchiest of characters trying to friend me. If it’s a random lass, then I figure she’s caught wind of the blog, the book or whatever, and I’m all, “Hey Sheila; top of the mornin’ to ya!”

If it’s a guy, then I check him out, scope his profile. I did so recently when a HAWTSTUFF Pakistani guy friended me out of nowhere, and I was like “Allah Akbar! More red meat to throw to the BB&W Crew!!” I even put one of his profile pics on the BB&W fanpage last week just to whet your appetites.

So sorry.

Side Note: My profile states CLEARLY that I’m married and blessed fourfold with little people who hold 50 percent of my DNA. BUT! No such information was posted about this guy, and while I won’t post his name because he’s married with two kids and living it up in the Middle East in a very, very oil-rich country, I have no such qualms posting his image. Beware; and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You know what’s ironic, as in, hypocritical with a Capital H, is that this dude’s religious affiliation profile says:

being a muslim, be proud, choose the right way.


*blank stare; pauses for drama*

I guess Mohammad’s all good with trolling on Facebook looking to score some international ass? Not to offend, but GEEZ! with these double standards. Muslim men can cheat as long as is the day, but say, if this douche’s wife did it, she’d be…what? At minimum, no longer married. At the worst? Stoned to death.

Someone please explain to me. I get my news from CNN.

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