Black Women Need Men Like Cory Alexander Haywood Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.

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#InterracialRelationshipsAre4BlackMen. At least that's what Cory Alexander Haywood would like for us to believe, because hell, only black men, in … [Read more...]

What Your Typical Black Woman Means When She Says, “Get Me A White Man!”

Having run an interracial dating website for the past three years, I can't add up how many times I've heard that phrase. "GET ME A WHITE MAN," as if … [Read more...]

One Letter Writer’s Experience Being the Only Black Girl and NOT Being ‘Invisible.’


There's very few letters I get that move me to immediate action, but this one did. Once you read it you'll understand why. I bolded the moral of this … [Read more...]

QOTW: I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”…

Young Ethnic Woman is Very Surpised

I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”… My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 2 years. He (47) and I (44) are divorced. He … [Read more...]

Do White Men Who Swirl Prefer Darker Skinned Naturalistas?


A little something me and my writing partner noticed while doing promotion for SWIRLING was that most (bordering on all) of the white guys we saw with … [Read more...]

The Cost of Not Smiling

Beautiful woman with long hair

By Ashley One perfect summer night in June, I stood on the rooftop of an exclusive hotel in West Hollywood at a swanky event. At first, I made it a … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Who Said Indian Men Ain’t Sexy? Upen Patel Sure Is!!

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Okay, to show you all just how shallow one needs to be in order to identify, process and discard men, I give you Exhibit A. Upen Patel is a hot, … [Read more...]

QOTW: On Hair…The ‘Kinky’ Discussion with Your Rainbeau

bright afro

Got this question from a subscriber on my You Tube channel. She seemed pretty desperate so I moved her to the front of the queue... When do you think … [Read more...]

Sixty Days of (Mostly Sucky) Dating, By Guest, ‘Anissa Ashley’

What do you think?  Should she take the rose, or squash his heart?

60 Days of Dating By Ashley After a considerable hiatus, I decided to throw myself back into the dating world. Thanks to social media apps … [Read more...]

QOTW: Quirky Girl Wants to Date Interracially. Some Tips…


Here's the question... I'm 30 yrs old and a grad student in college. I live in a pretty segregated city. I'm primarily interested in dating white … [Read more...]