The Importance of Little Mystery: Would You Click On Me?


There’s a saying that familiarity breeds contempt. While that’s an arguable point, a little mystery when it comes to attracting potential suitors with your online dating profile could keep your inbox overflowing.

I’ll be talking more about this in the future, because I’ve gotten numerous requests from both women and men to evaluate their online dating profiles.

So what makes a guy bite on an online dating profile? That’s easy: a little mystery and a little sexy. I took this photo while I was chilling at the La Costa resort in Carlsbad. Here’s why it would be compelling to a man: He’ll want to know what I look like under that hat. Not only is this hat timeless and classy, those characteristics will transfer to the owner, in which case, is me.

Second, the photo shows a little cleavage, which studies show that men will click a woman’s profile more often if she shows a little cleavage–but be careful about overdoing it. Too much is often, well, too much.

Finally, while this is shows some skin, it is in context. Don’t miss that–context is VERY important. I’m not in front of my bathroom mirror posing…I’m on a beach chair. Sexy pictures in context gives the impression that you know when and how it’s appropriate to look sexy.

A man almost can’t resist solving the mystery of what that woman under the hat looks like. It’s a “Ha! Made you look!” lure.

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