The New, NEW Black Woman: Actress, Masha Dowell!

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Masha Dowell is a renaissance woman, and seriously there's not much she's not good at. She's a scientist, artist, and entrepreneur. From 2000 – … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Book Trailer! Hint: Barbies Are Involved…

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Friday Funny: Just Pass the Watermelon and Fried Chicken, Kaiser.

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Thirsty!! Five Personalites from Facebook Loserville!


Social networking has changed our lives in so many ways. It connects people. You can find anything from a new job to new friends to new love. Over … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: OPEN MIC!!


For nearly two years, I have reached into the depths of my sense of humor, wit, and smart arseiness to bring just a little sliver of joy as you trudge … [Read more...]

Kevin on Puberty, Zygotes, and the Catholic Church

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  The oldest boy is going to be 13 this year. He hasn’t hit The Change yet as far as I can tell, and as the product years of many years of … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Dumb Excreta the GAT-DL Says When…

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Happy Friday, ya'll! … [Read more...]

Kevin Purcell’s Hilarious Take on Dating with Kids After Divorce

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  I’m not sure what my kids think about me dating women who are not their mother, but I’ve found it important thus far not to ask. Some … [Read more...]

Super Cute Vid! “10 Reasons You Should Date a Black Girl”

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Desdemona Liang, aka "Little Bird," posted this on my Facebook wall and asked me to share it. Well, OF COURSE! This little chicita could not be cuter. … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: He’s Baaaacckk! Lee-Roy Gives Commentary on Recent “Clutch” Article

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Just for context, you might want to check out the cluster cuss of comments from Arielle Loren's article, "Interracial Dating: Black Women Finding Love … [Read more...]

Niki Chambers: BOINKABLE Hotties, Super Bowl Edition!


I love football. I belong to an all female fantasy football league (named Cougar Blood…yeah, wasn’t my idea) and I took first place in the league … [Read more...]