Friday Funny: Introducing the Semi-Regular Troll-Turdy Awards!!

As of late, this blog has been infiltrated by unwanted guests from Trollpania. But this is a new strain of virus–the “edu-ma-cated” troll, who starts out quietly, voice just a whisper of dissent (unlike his Neanderthal ancestors who had not yet developed the art of subtlety), and slowly, steadily and tactically attempt to derail and disrupt the pleasantness and sisterhood that is BB&W. It kind of reminds me of that zombie movie that starts with all the undead being so stupid that shooting them in the head is like fish in a barrel, but then towards the middle they become a little more savvy, like using tools and stuff to eat people’s brains out. But you know what happens in the end? The good guys always win, and those zombies get their green, rotting arses kicked before the credits roll.

But…the tenacious side of me has to give these guys credit for their cunning and organizing. I mean, I think they’re studying this blog, making notes and having conference calls and stuff on how to harass us…but to what end? Who wins? Well…me. And…because they’re helping me and my rainbeau husband pay for gymnastics, piano lessons and soccer for our “little mutts,” so…a HUGE, BIG OLE KISS AND THANKS, TROLLS. I’m monetizing the hate! And it’s because I’m so gratful, I thought I should give back in some way, give these trolls the recognition and attention they crave. So without further ado, I present the first Troll-Turdy award to…..


Marlee, the “2L” ivy-league student who thinks she was the genius amongst idiots, gets the gold-plated poop for her condescending, belittling and ivory-tower judgements on the Robin Thicke thread. Thanks, Marlee. Guess they didn’t teach you about $ per page views over ‘yonder at Yale. You’ve single handedly broken the comment record in all of BB&W history! And you’ve managed to convince absolutely ZERO people adopt your point of view!

But you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Not only are these Trollpanians making my advertisers very, very happy, they have convinced me that this blog has becoming so popular that I need moderators. So thanks to you, Eugenia Berg, Brend55, and Bill Drew, I’ll have this place on troll-turd patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here’s a hint on how you might win the next time: ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BLACK WOMEN HAVE LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS, INSTEAD OF TRYING SO HARD TO CONVINCE US WE’RE NOT SEEING WHAT WE’RE SEEING. In other words, don’t pee in my cup and call it lemonade.


Better; keep blaming. I need a new pair of shoes.


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