Friday Funny: Introducing “Lee-Roy the Trollpanian!”

Thanks to the GREAT policing ’round these parts by super-duper-freshalicious moderators, Eugenia, Brenda55 and Aabaakawad, I’m seeing less and less of him, but his memory still blazes in my mind.

Sensing the tsunami of outrage I’m going to get, I’d like to apologize in advance to the following viewers:

–Anyone named “Leroy”
–Anyone NOT named Leroy
–any and all persons who ever contemplated the possibility of developing a site called “Black Men Rant”
–Maybelline, the manufacturers of the eye pencil used to create Leon the Trollpanian’s mustache, beard, mole, and eyebrows
–Mothers who have named their sons “Leroy”
–Engineers named “Leroy”
–Any black man who does NOT act like Leroy
–Women with facial hair

Whew. I hope that covers it.

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