Contemplate This…

I’m nursing a semi-hangover from the party in Bel Air that my friend, Janet Strauss was so kind to invite me to. OMG it was a circus–literally. There were migets (can we still say that?) everywhere, cursing carolers and trucked in snow, because rich people have no idea what to do with all their money. But it was so worth it to get footage like this so I could bring back to you, like the cat that brings a dead bird to your door as a present:


These guys are from Texas and came to Los Angeles to shoot a fitness video. I don't know about you, but I'm buying it.

Now I’m off to my Mom’s to check on how she’s doing (apparently the hair is coming out in clumps *le sigh*), so I’ll be back on tomorrow to do some Monday-morning playback on the cluster cuss that happened on LaShaun’s thread. Stay tune because it’s going to be interesting…

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