Friday Funny: Who Would You Boink, Drunk Girl Edition!!

With New Year’s Eve coming up, I wonder how many of us will wake up the next day naked, save for those twirly things strippers wear on their nipples, and roll over and look at a dude who ALSO has those twirly things on HIS nipples, and you wonder, “how the HAY-ELL did I get here?”

I sincerely hope that’s not you, but that idea sparked the inspiration for this post. Is there a celebrity that if your were 24 sheets to the wind, hocked up on the happy juice or otherwise shyte faced, who might you, could you, maybe-if-you-squint let him have it but would TOTALLY pass if you were sober as a judge?

I know. You want me to go first. Ooookay.

Erik Estrada.

It looks like a cat died on top of his head. Is he the only one who doesn't realize this is a wig?!

But then, if I had a few white Russians, I’d remember him when he looked like this:

…circa 1977, back in his CHiP’s days….

Then there’s Vince Vaughn.

But after a few Blue Moon’s, I’d imagine this chain-smoking bad boy would look like this:


Vince sans the bags under his eyes and the extra cheek flabbage.

And finally, Nick Jonas.

What?!? Why are you looking at me like that?!

Well, he is 19.

Your turn!!

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