Friday Funny: Last Week’s Bel Air Party Was Rainbeau Heaven!!

Oh Em Gee.

There’s times when I do this gig and I love it even more than usual. Last Saturday was one of those times. My pal, Janet Strauss, repossessed friend of The Hubster (they went to the same high school), is a videographer to the stars and invited me to a Christmas party hosted by the producer of Showtime’s “The Boss.” How could I say no? After all, The Hubster can trust me to only look but not touch all the man-candy I saw there, nestled in the hills of swanky Bel Air, California.

But I gotta say, the whole experience was surreal and made me grateful I was just visiting, because those folks are just…Holly-weird. Sure; the open bar well-stocked with vodka was a major plus, but the midgets and cursing carolers was a bit… much.


It was cool they were dressed up like a Charles Dickens’ book, and the violinist was also a nice touch…


Ah…but the man candy was the kicker…



I hung on as long as I could, hoping Kelsey Grammer would show, but I pooped out before I had a chance to snag a photo with his highness. Eh. I guess I’ll just have to settle to know that I have a friend who works for the producer who works for Kelsey Grammer. It’s the same difference, n’est-ce pas?

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