Friday Funny: He’s Baaaacckk! Lee-Roy Gives Commentary on Recent “Clutch” Article

Just for context, you might want to check out the cluster cuss of comments from Arielle Loren’s article, “Interracial Dating: Black Women Finding Love Outside the U.S.” The comments from salty black men were predictable and persistent, but GLORY BE TO GOD most black women were not buying it. There’s a revolution afoot, ya’ll.

BUT! Leroy will have none of it, and has a few choice words for us:

But with all the hulaballo, the BEST quote that answered all that nonsense was this:

Author: Tired
After many, many years of trying my hardest to find love within ‘our’ community, I have started to finally see things in terms of what is really going on.

I have worked diligently to love, value, cooperate with, and support Black men throughout my life up to this point. Unfortunately, I have, to date, been unable to find one that reciprocates these efforts on his own part. I am not video vixen quality, and certainly not perfect in any way, and am not looking for anyone who thinks he is. But I am unwilling to continue being asked to bear what seems the sole responsibility for making a relationship between two people work.

I am sure that there will always be someone who says that I haven’t done enough, tried hard enough, grown enough as a person or overcome enough hardship somehow become worthy of a Black King. I am certain that there will also be some who remind me for not being wary of ‘our’ historical oppressors. All I can say to them is that I’m out of time to worry about such things.

Women lack the luxury of being able to wait an eternity to perfect their ‘game’ if marriage and children are on the agenda. Meanwhile, I have spent what may have been the best years of my life so focused on brothers that I find myself woefully behind on the social and personal acceptance of other men who approach me.

So, for once, when a (gentle)man-regardless of cultural origin-approaches me respectfully in a decent fashion, I will do more than quietly demur, waiting on someone that may never arrive. I’m taking THIS someone up on his offer, and try spending some time enjoying someone who might be interested in building something real.

In yo FACE, Leroy!!

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