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Apologize For Wanting To Be (Or Being) Happy? Pfffft….

A recent study by the University of Milano-Bicocca revealed some interesting findings. White and black people have less empathy for black peoples' … [Read more...]


Relationship Red Flags: The Longer You Accept the “Abnormal” the More Normal It Becomes.

Part II of "Spotting Dangerous Men" Series Laneesha started dating Gary when she graduated high school. He was charming and caring, and filled the … [Read more...]


Like Attracts Like: Do You Really Know What It Means to Be ‘Equally Yoked?’

NOTE: This post is ONLY for women who WANT to get married and have families. If this isn't you, you might just want to check out Tanisha's post on … [Read more...]

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: BB&W Is NOT Just a Swirling Club.

Christelyn loves us. How do I know this? Because she does not just tell us what we want to hear. That is what people who sincerely care about us … [Read more...]


The Best Explanation for Why [Some] Black Men Troll Black Women’s Blogs.

I fricking LOVE the blog, For Harriet, and if you don't have it bookmarked you should. I just read a piece over yonder about all the shade SOME black … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: “How Do I Get Over My Married Boyfriend?”

Dear Mrs. Karazin,   I have been hesitant to write to you mainly because I didn’t know where to begin. Secondly, I doubt you will have the time to … [Read more...]

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‘DeepWater’…From Corporate Life To Homelessness To (White Man/Business Partner in Love and Business)‏

By BB&W Crew Girl, "DeepWater" An office setting is (mostly) always where I wanted to work.   I started off in my teen years working retail, … [Read more...]


Legal Loan Sharking: Why You Should Avoid Payday Loans Like the Plague!

Getting your Money right. For all of the talk of empowering black women to lead the best lives that they can one thing stands out. Living the good … [Read more...]


Triple Consciousness and the Black Woman

W.E.B Du Bois was a brilliant man. He was an important contributing factor to the new social science named sociology and one of the greatest writers … [Read more...]

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Commentary on the Crooked Room: Shame on You Black Girl…(Part 1)

This multi-part series covering Melissa Harris-Perry's book, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America, has discussed three main … [Read more...]


Messages from ‘Django Unchained’: The Black ‘Damsel’, the ‘Django Moment’, and Phrenology’s Centerstage Show

Now that Django is released in the UK, let's start spoiling it for real. Before writing my last post on Quentin Tarantino's film "Django … [Read more...]


Clueless About How to Be Feminine? Take a Look-See…

This video is from the blog, Elegant Black Woman. The girl who runs it is supremely classy, and I thought I'd share. Any tips on how to be your … [Read more...]

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Is Your Boss a “Bitch?” Eight Types to Avoid Like Herpes.

I'd like to think all women are great to work with, I really, really would. But...I can't. One of the main reasons I got out of Corporate … [Read more...]

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