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So Tired of Women Who Look Like This Thinking They’re Worthless!!

Got this note for a beautiful young lady who REALLY needs our group’s help.


Here’s what she wrote:


Hello , christelyn I currently started watching you on YouTube and you have truly inspired me..which is way today after hours feeling extremely worthless I decided to send you a email. I’ve seen you help so many others. So I’m wondering if you can help me.
I’m told of often that I am rather attractive and also very sweet..but for some reason I’m only ever used by men…I’ve only dated black men and I feel like I think very hard before giving my heart. My first boyfriend was verbally abusive. He would call me a nigga and a bitch. And never paid me any attention. also if I felt beautiful he would often find away to shut me down…recently I was dating a man who was from Africa. He was so kind and sweet and first. Asked me to be his girlfriend said he wanted to be in a serious relationship. Then one day after months of Wondering why he wouldn’t add me on social media. He tells me he was in an arrange marriage… I was so devastated by the time I found out I loved him with all my heart. I probably should have left when I found out but I didn’t…he made me feel like I had a change…saying Bs like I don’t know if I want to do it. I even asked him if he just wanted be Friends.. but he perpetuated the relationship. Patronising me. He even started making fun of me saying I have no ass.. my ears were too big. My nose was big etc. Then one day the other girl found out about me and he started yelling at me. Called me crazy denied everything that happened and never talked to me again. This was the same guy who use to comfort me when I had nightmares..the same guy I told things to that no one knows..I couldn’t believe how easy I was to be thrown away. now every day I wake up feels like a chore. I really don’t want to be here. I almost feel like I’m waiting patiently to go. I might white guys who talked to me but ultimately I don’t think anyone would ever chose to date me. I don’t think I’m loveable.

Here’s my take…

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