Black Women's Empowerment

Shine for Those Who Defend Our Honor Example #2


Hat’s off to Daniel Johnson, scribe for the Huffington Post who penned, Dear Black Men, You Are Not Pro-Black If You Are Not Pro Black Women who gave some real talk to the men who want justice for black men but wouldn’t mind seeing black women flattened by the nearest bus.

Over the past few days I have gotten into heated arguments with men who have presented and positioned themselves as Pro-Black, yet they find themselves incapable of standing against a Black man who has repeatedly violated Black women.

There is something inherently wrong with your Pro-Blackness if it is a gendered Pro-Blackness incapable of taking stances that improve the position of Black women.

There’s no Huey P. Newton in your philosophy if your main concerns are a caricature of everything the men and women who constituted the real Black Panther Party stood for.

There’s no way you can announce to the world that you are Pro-Black, yet blatantly cling to misogyny, uphold rape culture and mimic a White patriarchal system, which seeks to keep Black women underneath your boots.

That’s not Pro-Black. That is Black Patriarchy.

Yes, yaaaaasss, and YEEEEEESSSSS. Any time spend listening to the Dr. Umar Johnsons of the pro-black world and you’ll soon learn that black men such as these don’t want equality for black men and women–they want supremacy over black women sexually, economically, and socially. They want to call the shots–even by force black women to consider absurd alternatives like polygamy to ‘Pookey.’ What self-respecting black woman wants to live like women under the rule of the Taliban or Boko Haram?! No thanks; I’ll take my white patriarchy with a side of womanism, thankyouverymuch.

Johnson goes on…

Without Black women, where are Black men? That’s a question that every so-called Black man needs to ask himself daily.

He also needs to ask himself, what do Black women need me to do, need me to say, need me to become so that we both may improve our lots in this American pecking order that wants to put us both at the bottom rung? Those are the things that are needed, that are necessary. I never want to see a Black man questioning whether a Black woman is really here for the race again. Because Black women have been here for the entire race and will continue to do so because that’s what Black women do. They fight. They stand. They make themselves known.

Black women are on the front lines of the fight every day, suffering in silence, suffering in plain sight.

What kind of schizophrenic mess is it when black women are on the front lines fighting while simultaneously blamed for all the ills in the black community?! Ugh…

Anyway, if you have news about a man standing up for black women’s honor in a majorly positive way, shoot me a message or email me [email protected].

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