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Missing Link Discovered: Why Black Women are Suspicious of Birth Control

Before I start, you should read this letter written by no other than the Black Panther Party:


And before anyone suggests this letter might be a fake (like the Willie Lynch letter is) this is a vintage document preserved by Duke University, and you can also view it here.

Within the letter, the Black Panther Party urges black women to do the following:

  • They encourage black women to REFUSE birth control because it’s the white man’s plot to affect GENOCIDE on the black race.
  • They OUTRIGHT SAY that black women MUST HAVE AS MANY BABIES AS POSSIBLE to fight in “the revolution.” They wanted black women’s wombs to be farms for black revolutionaries.

In the response letter, the author says “poor black men don’t take care of their families,” so the suggestion that black women eschew birth control to bring about little black revolutionaries, there is essentially NO CARE FROM THE PARTY about how these black women would be left to raise these “revolutionaries” ALONE. Read for yourself.


In the second paragraph of the letter, which is authored by two black welfare recipients, domestic worker (maid), housewife, and a housewife and psychotherapist, says “The poor black man only thinks about the street, dope and liquor, a piece of ass, and their cars. Ladies, this was bad in 1968. 1968!!!! How much has changed?!

When the pill emerged “by whitey,” black women saw an opportunity to not be used and left by these men to “no longer exploit us sexually or use us for money.” OMG…this mess is ANCIENT.

You know what else is ancient? Black men BLAMING black women for the decay of the black community, and admittedly is is much worse because the SHAMING TACTICS used by the black political ruling elite was widely successful in brainwashing black women into thinking that any form of birth control was genocide. And what you see now are the results of this FAILED social experiment–legions of broken families led by the mothers who STAYED and the fathers who LEFT.

Ladies, we have been lied to. We have allowed the He-Man Black Woman Hater’s Crew™ to once again blame black women by suggesting that black women ran the black man out of the home in favor of “white daddy” providing welfare benefits, in when truth, the poor black men in the 1960’s were just as irresponsible as they are today, and if you just look at documents published during that time, you can see for yourself. This is the history of black women that the He-men don’t want you to know about.

Take a read.


This paragraph especially stuck out:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.27.20 AM

Ladies, again I ask, WHAT HAS CHANGED?

This level of manipulation has become so embedded into black culture that we continue to operate on it by rote–black women don’t use birth control as effectively as other races and have an innate suspicion of it but when pressed, don’t really know why. The letters you read above IS THE REASON WHY.

And still, you have black men BLAMING black women for all the ills of the community and lamenting on the “good old days” when black women were feminine and listened to the black man is straight bullshit, because black men have been betraying, abandoning, and blaming black women SINCE THE BEGINNING.

The TRUTH is finally come to light, and we are the harbingers of the new black woman’s revolution, where we fight back with FACTS and FEMININE STRENGTH. Now that we know THE TRUTH, it’s time to FINALLY take control of our reproductive health, stop feeling GUILT about you’ve internalized the LIE that the decay of the black community is your FAULT, and begin to CHOOSE BETTER, but REFUSING to choose men who perpetuate such manipulative nonsense. More than likely, “choosing better” will mean NOT choosing them.

Now that you know, go listen to Breukelen Bleu’s “New Son” series.

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