Black Women's Empowerment

Why Aren’t the NBABM Ladies Cheering Us Swirlers?

There’s been an increase in videos by women who are NBABM (Nothing But a Black Man) complaining that us “swirlers” are trying to FORCE them into dating white men. Apparently “we” are in their inboxes telling them to that they MUST date white men! I can assure you, that I have never been in the business of forcing ANYONE into doing ANYTHING they are not interested in doing. What confuses me, however, is the level of animosity at black women who are no longer interested in dating black men exclusively. Why be mad? You should be delighted! More black men for you, right? Less competition for you, right? If anything, you should be the ones going into “inboxes” trying to convince MORE black women to date interracially. But you’re not doing that. WHY???

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