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Take a Lesson on How White Women Deal with Men Who Hate Them


There’s been an interesting bit of drama happening with two men–Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens of Asheville, North Carolina — owners of Waking Life Expresso, a once thriving small business poised for expansion to a second location in their small town of 90,000. Loans were approved. New locations were slated. Their products were being distributed to various stores throughout the region.

That is, until they were outed as PUA (Pick Up Artists with a misogynistic podcast and Twitter feed). Their outing cost them everything–the current location, which is now up for sale, the funding for a new location, and their reputation. Why? Frankly, because white women know how to organize and use their resources to PUNISH those who hate them, and black women should and better take notes.

Rutledge and Owens were caught being women-hating assholes, and were never afforded the opportunity to destroy the evidence, all saved for posterity by the organization that out them. Here’s a little taste of the distasteful yuck these guys would brag about on their “Holistic Game” blog:

Late thirties MILF that I fucked in her basement while her kids were asleep. Slamming body for her age, and I’d never fucked a woman that old. We didn’t hang out again – I think she was only really interested in something serious. Her exes were abusive and I think she wanted beta comfort and stability.

Mid thirties ginger, hippie with a rail-thin body. Crazy in bed like older girls tend to be. Lived in an RV and smelled like beeswax, but was smart and interesting. I hit on her at my business. We stopped seeing each other because I talked too much about game (I’d just read The Game  and discovered the manosphere) and it freaked her out. Classic mistake. No clue what she’s up to, but I think she’s headed towards cat lady status.

I fucked her ass for the first time, then let it fade right before she moved out of town. I think she’s still figuring herself out.
Skinny, trashy single mother in her mid-twenties. I fucked her ass, she shit on my bed, we went our separate ways and she never texted me back. I think she’s riding the carousel of bad boys until she can find a dad for her kids.She couldn’t really handle the vulnerability I require. I would have kept fucking her. She’s probably going to be a mid-40’s barfly still hanging on to her glory days.The second time we fucked she told me that she felt guilty about sex and didn’t really like being promiscuous, which was really offputting.
They said some really gross other stuff, and if you want to know the full story you can click here. I’m more interested in how the community rallied around it’s women–whore or madonna–to punish these men. The bank withdrew it’s funding. The community withdrew it’s patronage and is basically forcing this pathetic pick-up artists into poverty with absolutely NO FUCKS GIVEN about “destroying a brotha’s hustle.”
What’s also pretty impressive is the speed in which the community responded–both male and female. No such rallying would take place to defend the honor of black women unless it was a bunch of white men doing it. Black men are able to run roughshod all over black women (Kevin Hart *cough*) with little to no consequences. There are too little people willing to fight for our honor in such a way, but one thing is for certain: black women hold the economic power in the community, and one collective decision to withdraw support from men, women and organizations that degrade us would bring them to their knees, just like the community that took down those two douche bags.
But what many of us would need to do is rid ourselves of misplaced guilt about “destroying” a brotha’s hustle. Why on earth should black women be concerned with maintaining the financial security of people who denigrate them? White women have no such guilt. Go get ’em Becky. We’re paying attention.
At least, some of us are.
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