Okay, then. So Let’s Talk About Black Women And Our “Hate”

black guy pointing blame

I was thinking since we were talking about the word "desperate" being thrown around, why not bring it around to another word that certain people like … [Read more...]

A Vocation that Gives You the Ticket to Travel Is…

African american woman doctor

We talk a lot about how travel can change your outlook and how you see yourself and how others see you. But most jobs won't allow you to jump up and … [Read more...]

Is This Blog Making Black Women Look Desperate?


This is a blog that frequently discusses love and relationships. The"Swirling" book that is on the side of the page advertises a desire to seek love … [Read more...]

Well THAT Explains a Lot: New Study Reveals Fatherlessness Changes a Child’s Brain Structure


Findings released by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center in the journal Cerebral Cortex, have found a link between … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Reasons Offered For Why Black Women Should Stay Fat

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I have been actively working on being a smaller weight for about a year or so (inactively for a few years before that. I observed that my initial … [Read more...]

Video: Kola Boof Speaks Her Truth About “Black Consciousness” in America


Worth the view, I promise. She addresses the treatment of dark-skinned black women by the black community, and explains why she married a white, … [Read more...]

“Legion of Doom Mothers,” Lead Their Children Like Lambs to Slaughter.


Last week, a power outage in our area left us with no cable television.  It was a little early for my children's bedtime so I popped in a DVD --  … [Read more...]

WTF?! People GLEEFUL Over Our Negative News…Plus a Sobering Acknowledgement.


I won't provide the link to soul-killing garbage that apparantly indicates that black women are picked last in online dating, because, really...what's … [Read more...]

Who Should ‘Shut Up’ Again? The Lie About Being Empowered Through Silence….

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You have the right to remain silent. In fact, silence can be used to great effect to express having the power in a situation. Passive aggressive … [Read more...]

Sisters, It is Time to STOP Giving Birth to Men Who Hate You.


In this letter, my use of "you" means you, me, all of us. This letter, sister, is from someone who is sitting, not-so-quietly observing, and taking … [Read more...]