The Strange Similarity Rats Have with Your Female Coworkers

Things are getting hard out here. Did you hear that rats are getting desperate for food because their supply—restaurants and public gatherings when people drop popcorn and candy—have all dried up. The desperation has caused them to turn on each other. They are cannibalizing.


But before you start thinking that “well, those are rats, we’re people,” remember there’s a reason why rats are used in science to give us cues about human reaction to external stimuli.

We’re all animals. And when we’re starving, as in the case of limited financial resources, we humans will fight to the death and eat one another just like our fellow mammal, the rat.

When your basic needs are threatened–shelter, food, safety–the human claws come out. Be prepared to experience all sorts of workplace shenanigans from your female counterparts.

It’s time to get primal. The Pink Pill way.

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