Interracial Friendly States, City by City, County by County!

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I'm working on a master list NEVER BEEN DONE before (not sure why, tho) on an interracial dating blog. Back when I co-work Swirling, we created a list … [Read more...]

Why I Said “Goodbye” to Disneyland, Forever. They’ve Raised Their Prices Too High to Justify.

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Disneyland used to be the happiest place on earth for me. I have memories as early as 1979 when I was just five years old, my mom and dad packing me … [Read more...]

So Bueno: The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

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If you’re looking for Mexico holidays then you should definitely consider heading for the coast of the Caribbean. The area is a paradise stretch of … [Read more...]

Shore to shore: is dating for Black women across the Atlantic really that different? (Find Out From Someone Living There)

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By:  Carla Ford Have you ever considered if you lived in the UK, would men of others races be more openly receptive in showing their attraction … [Read more...]

BB&W Partners with Black Girl Travel To Bring Up-Close-and-Personal Experience from Europe


Beyond Black & White is the first blog to feature the wandering escapades in Europe chronicled from Fleace Weaver, founder of Black Girl Travel … [Read more...]

Maxi Me Is Awesome, and Here’s the Proof!

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My oldest kiddo, aka "Maxi Me" just finished a major project for her high school French class. Maxi is an artist and wants to enter the fashion … [Read more...]

All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!


Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know...the queens of international travel to answer … [Read more...]

Five Totally Unusual Ways to Travel Alone and Still Have a Great Time

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I know who you are...I see the stats. You're single, young, educated, and have some money. So why haven't you traveled abroad to discover the world … [Read more...]

Must Read: Endless Opportunities Abroad For Women of Color

Packaged Earth

There are times when we look at the world and the outlook seems quite bleak and then there are times when we look at the world and it seems unfair, … [Read more...]

Be Inspired: Gabrielle Turnquest Passes Bar At 17 And Breaks 600 Year Old Record in the U.K.

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I just got wind of this news coming from across the pond, and it is the perfect example of what young Black women can achieve when given the … [Read more...]