Five Totally Unusual Ways to Travel Alone and Still Have a Great Time

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I know who you are...I see the stats. You're single, young, educated, and have some money. So why haven't you traveled abroad to discover the world … [Read more...]

Must Read: Endless Opportunities Abroad For Women of Color

Packaged Earth

There are times when we look at the world and the outlook seems quite bleak and then there are times when we look at the world and it seems unfair, … [Read more...]

Be Inspired: Gabrielle Turnquest Passes Bar At 17 And Breaks 600 Year Old Record in the U.K.

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I just got wind of this news coming from across the pond, and it is the perfect example of what young Black women can achieve when given the … [Read more...]

Black Girls Traveling: Break Some Ice In Iceland

Leg and shoe on a suitcase

  Break Some Ice in Iceland As I am always encouraging black women to explore the world outside the United States, I finally get to discuss … [Read more...]

Calling All Geeks! Comic Con 2014!!

Comic Con

  Anyone going to Comic Con in 2014? Chris attended last year’s San Diego convention and the Swirling after-party seemed like it was a blast … [Read more...]

Introducing “Fables for Thrivers”: The Caged Bird and the Free Bird


The Caged Bird and the Free Bird Once upon a time, there was a caged bird who would get weekly visits from a free bird. The free bird would fly far … [Read more...]

Review: The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills…For A Taste of ‘New Hollywood’


The Hubster and I decided that we'd spend the weekend in his old haunt, Beverly Hills, for his birthday last weekend and decided to throw caution to … [Read more...]

Eating in Dublin and Swirling

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  I spent a wonderful four days in Dublin, after 14 months teaching English in S. Korea. So far almost 2 weeks after leaving Mumbai, India and … [Read more...]

New POF Survey Supports What I’ve Been Saying: Where You Live Can Determine Your Love-Life Success


If you live in California, turns out that living near the water gives you better relationship prospects than living inland, according to a survey by … [Read more...]

Film Review: The Sapphires


Did you know the U.S. Army hired entertainers for the troops during the Vietnam War? Did you know one such group of singers – The Sapphires – hailed … [Read more...]

Go East, Young Woman: Coping With Pre-Travel Abroad Jitters

This is an unusual post for me because it involves talking about my life plans. Outside of rare circumstances, I don't usually do so on this site. But … [Read more...]