Five-Star Gaslamp Experience at the U.S. Grant

Southern California residents are super spoiled. We literally can surf, ski and chase a tumbleweed all in the same day. My favorite is the beaches of San Diego. Yes; there are beaches in Los Angeles, but the traffic is horrendous and makes you want to kill yourself. Orange County is nice too, but the snooty vibe in some enclaves is a bit much. San Diego has just the right amount of snoot and chill that makes a Goldilocks like me say, juuuuussst right.

When I want a little “chill” I go to the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego. It is chock full of all the restaurants and bars you could ever possibly need, complete with interesting people from all over the world who toast of your health and sometimes throw up on your shoes. When I want some “snoot,” I check in to the U.S. Grant, a five-star hotel with all the trappings of old-world luxury. It’s conveniently located right across the street from the Gaslamp District, so snoots can stagger easily back and forth as their moods suit them.


The U.S. Grant is the five-star quintessential historic hotel that gives you all the opulence you crave, especially when you’re surrounded by jeans-clad, flip-flop-wearing casual Californians.

The U.S. Grant was built in 1910 by Ulysses S. Grant Jr., the namesake of the former U.S. president. This 400+ room palace was designed by architect, Harrison Allbright, and it’s so posh and classic, 14 U.S. presidents and first ladies have come to stay when they vacation or campaign in California. If you want to know who’s who in high society in San Diego, hang around the U.S. Grant for five minutes or less.

From corner to corner (and trust me–I check the corners) this hotel attends to the details. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, millions of dollars in artwork, rich solid wood. The staff is also super attentive and accommodating.

Because I don’t like filming my YouTube videos with a bed in the background, I like to live the “suite” life. Charlz, the hotel clerk, was very gracious in putting me in a junior suite in the center of the hotel. This is the seating area. It’s lovely but dark. I could have used a window, but the champagne you see chilling on the coffee table made up for it.

I absolutely love the art deco design, velvet couch, and chair.

The bedroom was so gorgeous with the creamiest sheets and the right amount of firmness.

While staying at the U.S. Grant, I didn’t eat any major meals away from the hotel, because I absolutely love the Grant Grill. Just like the spirit of the hotel the luxury experience is extended in both the restaurant and the lounge area. There were several colleagues who I met for business there because I knew the food and drinks would be superb.

Brunch with my buddy, Anna Bey

All these photos are making me wistful about going to the U.S. Grant again. Better drum up some more reasons to do business in downtown San Diego!

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