FINALLY! Salon Results at Home! Here’s How I Did It…

So I decided to flat iron my hair for Christmas and New Year’s, and since I don’t do it often, I took my time, doing a pre-poo treatment, hydrating shampoo, deep condition with heat, plus my new favorite, Jose Eber Moisture Tool. I also tried something new–the Eva NYC Straightening comb, which grips the hair with just the right amount of tension so that if you use the flat iron chase method, you end up with results like you’d have from a salon, minus the long waits, attitude, and gum-popping. I got it on Hautelook for $7.50, my online crack dealer for all things hair technology.

The Eva NYC Straightening Comb is designed with a spring-loaded hinged handle to hold your hair in place while you style and allows you to control even sections of hair during straightening. Surface holes let you evenly spread hair products thoroughly from root to tip.

I griped a piece of hair with the comb in one hand, then grabbed the flat iron in the other and…wow. Silky straight with one pass. ONE. PASS. Do you know what that means? Less heat exposure, and more moisture retention. Here’s a close up:

The shine is unbelievable, and my hair doesn’t feel the least bit brittle or dry.