Makeup Commandments: Dos and Don’ts of Makeup

**This is a repost**
Makeup Dos and Don’t

Hello BB&W,  I am back with my makeup dos and don’t for you makeup novices and pros (because you all make mistakes). I had to write this list because believe me when I say that I have seen ALL of the don’ts in my seven years as a makeup artist and have encouraged all the dos (which is very hard at times). So I hope that you come away with this more secure in your makeup choices. And remember, most of these rules are rules of thumb and not ALWAYS applicable to everyone and there are exceptions. Use your better judgment. 
*except for #1 & #7, there are NO exceptions to those rules. They are Makeup Commandments..
1. Thou shalt not wear foundation two shades darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. You end up either looking ashy or orange, kinda like John Boehner.
too light and her makeup artist should be shot!
too dark!
John Boehner. Doesn’t he look orange?

2. Thou shall use a dark brown eye liner like Teddy from Mac Cosmetics or a dark gray one like Phone Number also from Mac if you are over the age of 40 or have texture (read wrinkles) under your eyes. This will keep you from looking haggard and much older than you really are. **note, this rule is usually for fairer hued women, Mediterranean (read dark olive skinned to darker hued women) can continue to wear black liner much longer**

3. Thou shall wear black winged out eye liner, it is a classic look for any age and very flattering to eyes young and aging. It is an instant eye lift.



4. Thou shalt not wear winged liner like this– unless of course its a  theme party; you are a performer (going for this look) OR you want to look like a drunk crack head.

5. Thou shall wear Red lipstick or gloss any time of the day. It is a power color, a seductive color and a color synonymous with intelligence and holds a man’s gaze longer according to a

study done by Manchester University. (You can combine red lips with winged out liner and GASP, smokey eyes).  And NO red lips do not make you look like a prostitute. When was the last time you SAW a prostitute wearing red lips? Ever asked yourself WHY prostitutes do NOT wear red lips? Jussayin. Try Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac, the color is pretty much universal or Strutter lip tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics



6. Any woman, no matter her hue can wear red lipstick but if you are darker and still skeptical then try Rebel lipstick by Mac or a bourdeaux colored lip.



7. For the love of cute little puppies everywhere,

THOU SHALT NOT wear black lip liner or black liner in your brows. No self respecting fashionista WANTS to look chola. Or constantly surprised. Its just NOT attractive.



Epic Fail
who wants to look angry all of the time?

8. Thou shall wear concealer under your eyes. It can take 5 years off your face, especially if you have dark circles under your eyes. The rule of thumb is to choose a color one shade lighter than your skin tone. I tend to use concealer with a warm undertone to warm up the purple color in the circles. Be kind to the skin under your eyes. It is the thinnest and most fragile skin on your body and needs extra special care. *fresh cucumber once a week on your eyes is very healing, make a paste out of them or pop freshly cut ones right over your eyes, it’s such a refreshing way to relax after a long day.**

9. And last but not least, thou shall wear a smokey eye to a special event. If you are older use brown shades instead of dark grays and black. The technique is not difficult to master and you can use any color that you want (purple, green, blue etc).
10. However thou shalt not go overboard or you can end up looking like a raccoon. This look only looks good in the glossies.

**Bonuses** As women of color we should wear creamy or liquid foundations because of our hue. Powder will always make us look ashy especially the darker we are. I would suggest only using the foundation where you need it then cover it with a mineralize powder–it tends to blend better and retain our natural glow. Stay away from Matte powders unless of course you want to look older than you are. You want to be a little oily or as we MUA’s say “dewy.” Dewiness makes us look fresh and youthful.

M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish

Iman Cream to Powder Foundation

Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation

And if you want your powder to go on smoother and last longer use a primer:

M.A.C. Prep & Prime Skin Visage

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

and always always use a brush, not a sponge or fingertips when applying foundation or primer.

M.A.C 187 Brush

Tarte Cosmetics, Bamboo Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

And last but not least, as women of color we should always wear blush. Blush keeps your face from looking one dimensional and flat. There is a way to apply blush and I will do a tutorial with a list of great blushes this weekend so be on the look out.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial today. Remember great makeup begins with a good diet, lots of water and a good skin care regiment.