News Bits: Black Women Getting Spray-On Tans?

Yes ladies, you read that headline right. According to an article in the Philadelphia Enquirer, tanning salons are observing an increase in women of color coming in to get spray-on tans, particularly on their legs. It seems that the procedure is a good, snag-free alternative to panty hose, because it evens the skin tone, hides flaws like scars and stretch marks, and gives off a golden-bronze look. The “Golden Stocking” treatment can run about $40 for the legs and $120 for the whole body. But with fall quickly approaching, I’m guessing most women will opt for just the leg service.

Apparently celebrities like Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, and BB&W favorite, Kerry Washington, may already be adopting this trend.

Yep. As an air-brush make-up trainee myself, there’s DEFINITELY some spray-on tannage going on there. It looks fabulous, no?

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