Summer 2012–Bridal Makeup Trend

Oh you Swirlers, in love, planning weddings and your lives everlasting together. Oh and the home and 2.3 children and vacations and and and…. well, you need someone to help you plan the festivities and the most  forgot about professional at every wedding but most needed is the Makeup Artist. Who wants to remember how beautiful your dress was but how horribly gaudy the makeup was? No one. So I am here with this seasons makeup trends for brides, because you know, they are their own specialty.



The Vintage Bride

This lady is all about the glam. The Classic, the Harry Winston and Rolls Royce wedding car. She is all about elegance and definitely putting on a show, grand enough for the Queen herself. No stone is unturned and every platinum utensil is buffed to a mirrored shine. This lady is luxury personified and she wouldn’t dare go anywhere without her favorite red lip. If you are all about the traditional in the classical sense then this is your style.

Vintage Bridal Makeup
The Rebel Bride
This bride is all about the surprise, the style, the going against the norm. She is daring and more than likely non-traditional and so are all her friends.  This in no way means she is gaudy or tacky, just someone who marches to the beat of her drum so deal.
Bold and the Bridal--Colorful Bridal Makeup
The Naturalista Bride
This bride is all about the simple and the natural. No over the top antics here. She wants to keep it clean and wholesale, practically embodying the blushing bride of yore. She is all about letting her true natural beauty shine through. Ok so its a tad bit boring but its lovely really…
The Naturalista--Bridal Makeup