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I first found out about this blog when one of it’s writers, Robert Darrien, reached out to me for a feature on SWIRLING. Check it out here.

I written before about a social networking phenomenon that’s happening–Asian men and Black women are finding each other, learning about each other, and finding love. Before the internet, specialized Facebook groups, and Ning, Asian guys and black women had a virtually zero chance of speaking candidly about their unique stereotypes regarding one another, preconceptions, biases, familial and societal pressures, and prejudices. Cultural and societal barriers kept them apart, but social media has brought them together. In so doing, they’ve realized that they have more in common that they might have realized. That’s where the “Blasian Narrative” comes in. Taken from their Mission Statement”

What’s so special about the BW/AM pairing is how unexpectedly similar the two groups are.  This is the primary uniting force; the catalyst, if you will.  In terms of social experiences, educational levels, media representation, and even familial expectations, black women and Asian men living in America are finding that they’re similar in ways no one could’ve foreseen.  Perhaps this is why some people are baffled and disbelieving of BW/AM: we…really didn’t see that one coming.  Taking history and culture into account, some folks are still scratching their heads as to why it even makes sense, because for all intents and purposes, it probably shouldn’t.

While I still think Asian men and Black women generally have much more to overcome to build romantic relationships (too many ‘isms’ for this blog post to discuss), a blog like this helps bridge the gap and perhaps, affect some change, or at least a better understanding.

Last week’s kerfuffle about the Blasian couple featured and how baffled people were that it took four years for the Chinese guy to introduce his Haitian fiance to his parents might want to tap into this source and others like it. That is, of course, if they really want to understand.

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