DISGUSTING! Father Beats 13 Year-Old Girl, Mother Watches, Records and Calls Her Daughter a B*tch

What I find most disgusting about this video is how the mother is so gleeful in her blood lust, egging this man (is he her father?) to beat her, calling her a bitch, and recording it for World Star Hip Hop.

As a mother of three daughters, I shiver at the clear disdain this woman has for her daughter, who at 13, looks like a woman. Is it jealousy?

I’m sorry, if my kid was missing for three days, the first thing I WOULDN’T do is beat her. Humiliating a child NEVER works, parents. It’s cruel and abusive and scars their psyche forever. Your child will have those memories emblazoned long after you’re too senile to remember.

And for the record, a grown man has absolutely NO BUSINESS beating a teen-aged girl. Here’s hoping someone sends this video to the proper authorities.

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