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Lord of the Flies and the De-evolution of Men in Cleveland, Texas

I thought I’d gotten disgusted over Dunbar Village. O.J. Simpson. Mike Tyson. R. Kelly. Chris Brown. Michael Vick. Sean “Puffy” Combs. Snoop Dog. Fifty-Cent. I could go on, but…why bother? We’d be here all day.

No other race does rallying behind miscreants better than black people do. We excuse and deny, say we don’t want to send another ‘brotha’ to jail, all the while acting like abused children who defend disgusting behavior because of some sick codependancy.

Now before you Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely (aka GAT-DL) come in and say that white people have defended the indefensible, can we PLEASE stick to THIS CENTURY? Let me ask you, IN THIS CENTURY, when have you EVER seen an entire community of white people defend a Klansman for lynching someone? When have you seen a WHOLE TOWN rally around over a dozen cretins who raped an 11-year-old girl? Give me one story. Just one.

But all the men that I listed above and thousands of not-so-well-known but equally pathological black men who have done HORRENDOUS things, and then sure enough, they can count on the Black Cavalry (usually led by the chief recipients of abuse–other black women) will come a-riding in to give us the usual claptrap: “You don’t know the whole story.” You are getting very sleepy. “The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.” Look deep into my eyes. “The penal system is wholly racist against black men.” When you wake up, you will be a drooling zombie and agree with everything we say.

Now obviously, not every black person condones this behavior. In fact, I know that the majority of black people are outraged at this kind of behavior. But none of those people are getting on camera. The dumbest, most willfully ignorant and media whorish amongst us are the ones whose ugly mugs I see on television. In this new media world, with social networking that can bypass any stereotyping media outlet and FORCE THEM to report, there is no excuse for us to sit on our hands. Gina, blogger of What About Our Daughters has, as usual, led the charge on this. has a petition against the New York Times’ “blame the victim” reportage of the Cleveland, Texas stomach-churning events. But that isn’t enough. It’s high time we stop protecting those completely unworthy of it.

Listen to Deborrah Cooper and I discuss her theories of an emerging rape culture.

Deborrah Cooper Cleveland, TX rape interview by Christelyn

Here’s the latest update in the rape case. Take note of what is MOST concerning to the residents of Cleveland, Texas. (HINT: It’s not about the child’s welfare.)

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