Mark Jacobs Knows Pink…with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!”



I have a love/hate relationship with pinks and reds. If the undertones are too blue or purple, I look ridiculous. If the pink is too pale, I’ll look like a chalky mess. So when I find a color I love, I’m gonna tell you about it!

I got a sample of Marc Jacobs’ version of pale pink (at least it’s pale for us chocolate girls!) when I cashed in on all my Sephora points. First thing I noticed upon applying was the pigment…they are NOT playing! It goes on rich…really rich. What you see is not even applied in full force…I dappled…



What you see above is often deemed un-doable for us dark ladies…blue eye shadow and pale pink lipstick. Nah…hunny…both can work! Not to mention, pink blush…



Get the look…


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Marc Jacobs, $30 at Sephora

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.40.05 PM



The blue I’m wearing is “Night Sky” from stila. I’ve had the entire palette for years…it’s amazing…long lasting, gold undertones so the colors don’t look ashen on dark skin. This is a must-have. You get this, you won’t really need another every-day shadow kit. It’s on sale right now for $20. Get. It.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.53.06 PM

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