No Wedding No Womb (NWNW), an initiative to raise awareness and find solutions to the 73% out-of-wedlock birthrate in the African American community, will launch its second annual blog-a-thon, with over 100 writers, artists, and entertainers contributing to the conversation.

Two-Time Grammy-Award-Winning artist, SPEECH Thomas, lead singer of Arrested Development, premieres his new single, “I’ma Fight Back Right Now, ” a song created for and dedicated to the NWNW movement. The song and video will premiere on the No Wedding No Womb website on September 22, at 12PM Eastern Standard Time along with the NWNW writer contributions.

On the same day, NWNW will host a massive fund-raising drive to facilitate the launch of “Map Your Future,” the first-of-its-kind online remote mentorship and scholarship program. Consistent with the global, digital outreach for NWNW, the organization will create a private and safe platform for at risk students to be mentored remotely through video chat, instant messaging, profile and message pages, and a 24-hour forum. One hundred pre-screened and background-checked mentors of various backgrounds will advise on issues involving education, career, sexual health, and building healthy relationships and stronger family units. After participating in the program for a full year, each of the 20 students will receive $1,000 towards continued education.

“Last year, No Wedding No Womb went viral. The phrase did not even exist on Google. But after September 22, 2010, there are hundreds of pages. Now we move from talking and into action. I am both excited and humbled to have such a stellar list of people who want to change the course for our kids,” says Christelyn D. Karazin, founder and organizer.

Well-known participants include: Stanford Law professor, Ralph Richard Banks, author of “Is Marriage for White People?,” film maker Janks Morton, creator of the documentary, “Dear Daddy, ” a look at the journey of inner-city girls struggling to cope with fatherlessness, Sophia Angeli Nelson, political pundit and author of award-winning book, “Black Woman, Redefined,” Lamar Tyler, film maker and founder of the popular blog, “Black and Married with Kids,” Janine Latus, domestic violence advocate and best-selling author of “If I Am Missing or Dead,” Linda Malone-Colón, Chair of the Psychology Department at Hampton University, and Elizabeth Marquardt editor of, and vice president for family studies and director of the Center for Marriage and Families at the Institute for American Values.