The One Thing that Motivates *Manly* Men…

So I know what you’re thinking. Men are motivated by sex, and that motivation means their not always particularly choosey about whom they knock boots with, but when it comes to making lifestyle decisions like marriage and having a family, most manly, masculine men want their complement–a feminine woman.

The label “feminine” causes many women to bristle. They automatically have nightmare flashbacks of being pregnant and chained to a stove. It has so many negative connotations, but despite all that, most men want soft, nurturing and female energy.

Today’s man often feels hopelessly confused. He’s taught that chivalry is an insult, and is often made to feel guilty about wanting a woman with a soft side. So they remain mostly quiet on the subject, but vote with the engagement ring. They marry women who inspire the masculinity in them. Those are the women they provide for, protect, and produce with.

That doesn’t mean that you have to dress like Little Bo Peep, act dumb and helpless, and not pursue your education and career. Concrete ways of showing your feminine side is simple. When he is motivated to do something for you, or take care of you in some way, LET HIM. Don’t insist on going it alone. Masculine men will assert their take-charge actions, and as a feminine women you are the gracious receiver.

Feminine women show appreciation for these behaviors by way of rewards based on what the masculine man values. That could mean an exuberant THANK YOU, You’re my hero! Or it could be you preparing a picnic lunch containing his favorite food.

Bottom line, you’re doing things for each other, and attending to the needs and values of the other. You not need feel used and exploited by doing these things, because you are BOTH giving. Understand?

Notice that I didn’t mention make-up, wearing a dress, or keeping your nails perfectly manicured at all times? Sure; all that stuff can make you feel pretty darned feminine, but it’s only a small part of what I’m describing.

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