Feminine Mastery…Dress Like a Girl, Not a Joke!

Ah…the feminine mystique. It’s definition is often hard to articulate, but like art vs. porn, you know it when you see it. It’s more than wearing a certain color, fancy designer bag, or perfume. It’s all of that, and none of that. Sometimes I feel as though we black women exaggerate a look to the point of ridiculousness. Men like long hair, some of us buy weaves three feet long. Makeup is magic, but some of us cake it on so thick we look like men trying to impersonate women. Perfume is alluring, but some of us bath in bottles of the cheap stuff. Some of us need to dial it way back and turn off all the reality shows.Confused? Let me break it down.









What. The. Hell. ?



Short Curly Hairstyles is the perfect way to look hot and gorgeous. We have also pictures and ideas of other Latest hairstyles.




Feeling feminine and looking feminine starts in the mind and then expresses itself through your mannerisms and presentation.

So why not fake it till you make it? Just like clothes make the man, perfume and heels make the woman.

Less is More!

From a fashion point of view, feminine is delicate, flowing, and light. Leave the chunky heels and bomber jacket way way waaaaay in the back of your closet.

Here’s some of my favorite, delicate looks. I love soft colors and sheer fabrics, coupled with dainty earrings. You can see if these looks are available in your size at Goodnight Macaroon. Click the icons on the photos to be directed to my You Tube video about the subject and Instagram, where I highlight my favorite makeup, hair and fashion looks.





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