Episode Two of “Swirlr” is Here!

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Sorry for the delay, folks. The editors are, well...very persnickety. In this episode, we follow the men and women we picked as good potential … [Read more...]

Lesson: Black Chicks Need to Know When Non-Black Men are Hitting on Them!

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I continue to be amazed about how many young girls really are clueless about dating. This isn't anything to be ashamed about--this is easily fixed. … [Read more...]

Video: Singer Dencia Says on Camera, “White Means Pure.”

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Ugh. Every time I hear this woman talk I like her less. Not only is she snappy and catty, that ridiculous blond wig and balloon boobs speaks for … [Read more...]

Got Mid-Length Hair? Consider Flat Twists To Protect Your Length.

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Sometimes insomnia is a good thing, because last night while I was tossing and turning whilst complaining in my head about how  my frizzy ponytail is … [Read more...]

BYOP: Save Money at the Spa By Bringing Your Own Products!


BYOP = Bring Your Own Products A day at the spa can be spectacularly relaxing, and spectacularly expensive. A one-hour massage can cost you nearly … [Read more...]

Black Chicks All Look Alike…I Guess…


This is kind of inane news, but at the time I thought it was funny. Watch this FOX sports correspondent mistake a random NASCAR fan as Donna Summer. … [Read more...]

Video: Okay I’ve Had Enough! Black Parents, You’re Not Superior for Beating the Snot Out of Your Kids!


This is the second video I've seen this week displaying a black mother displaying UTTER CONTEMPT for her daughter. Watch if you … [Read more...]

Beyond the Color Lines…A Tribute Anniversary Video of Mike and Lisa

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Get your tissues out... Kizoa slideshow: Anniversary Tribute - Slideshow … [Read more...]

OMG No Words. (NSFW) Well…Maybe This Could Encourage Thug-Love Down Lows to Come On Out.

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My Facebook friend, Richard Miller brought this to my attention. At first I was like...WHAT? But then I thought, hey, the black community is so much … [Read more...]

A True WTF Moment…When a Gym Manager Tells a Black Woman She’s Too Fit.

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So it seems that black women are damned if we do, and damned if we don't, doesn't it? By now, many of you have read about a true bit of WTF-ery when … [Read more...]

Author of “Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men” Dishes on Her Experience Using Tinder

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My buddy and fellow IR author, Niki McElroy, author of  A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men, recently took an 8-month ride on Tinder, the popular … [Read more...]