New Documentary on the Black Church Shines a Light on Prosperity Pimps for Dollars

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I have to give credit where it's due, because columnist Deborrah Cooper was the first to shine a light on how the church exploits black women and … [Read more...]

Have I Got You Curious Enough to Try Yoga? Online Guide Gives You the Basics

Yoga Guide

  I've been preaching the benefits of yoga on this blog for years because quite frankly, it works. It is such a holistic mode of exercise that … [Read more...]

One Black Mother’s Heartbreaking Story of Raising Her Son Amongst a Nest of Miscreants Intent on His Ruination

little black boy

When I read this very personal account from Breukelen Bleu, the founder of the Black Woman Think Tank, I knew I had to share it. So much of the … [Read more...]

July is My Birth Month! Countdown to 41!

Me in bathing suit

Last week I took this picture to memorialize how I look at 40. If you would have told my 20 year-old-self that I'd feel better and look better an … [Read more...]

Grow It in a Bag: Patio-To-Plate Encourages Container Gardening


As I turn off a dusty road in Temecula wine country, I can't help but be impressed with Catrina's green house, where she's growing just about … [Read more...]

Five 100% Natural Beauty Products that Work 100% of the Time

USA Snail Gel & Carton 50ml

I'm proud to say that the majority of the things I put into my body is natural and organic, but I can't say the same thing about what goes on my body. … [Read more...]

Austin, TX Man Asks, “Am I the Black Woman’s Second Choice?”

Tell me a secret

First, thanks to all the men who have been writing me lately. I'm glad you're listening and observing. Gap, meet bridge. I got this letter from … [Read more...]

QOTW: “Should I Move to More Interracial Relationship-Friendly Pastures?”


People move for jobs all the time. But what about packing your bags for the chance at … [Read more...]

Riddle Me This: What Other Award Shows Have Actual Shootings and People Killed ‘Black Excrement Television’ (BET)


I'm convinced most of the wealthy black elite class in America could not give two negative phucks for 'regular' black people, and they're willing to … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Hotep-Dude’s Idea of a Legit Harem….You Know, for ‘Black Unity’

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This photo and subsequent caption came along my Facebook feed, and not the first time--I've seen lots of propaganda of late advocating polygyny--or, … [Read more...]