Candace Owens is One of Many Conservative Black Women Who Swirl

Controversial political influencer, Candace Owens just announced that she is engaged to Brexit advocate and Englishman, George Farmer. Between “blexit” and “brexit” these two seem to be a political match made in heaven.

It’s pretty obvious that Owens is black and Farmer is white. She is probably the most visible African American female conservative out there, because let’s face it–she gorgeous, and these conservative white men out here are HERE FOR IT when it comes to dating and marrying black women.

Knowing the history of the evolution of the Republican party when they adopted “The Southern Strategy,” it might be jarring to hear that conservative Republican white men are ready to date and marry black women.

But…it’s true.

I found out just how this unlikely romantic coupling with I was doing research for Swirling: How to Date, Match & Relate. I’d interview more than a few conservative white men–who lived in the South no less–who were actively dating and/or married to black women.

You might be wondering how and why in the high heavens does this work. Well…it’s simple. Many (not all) conservative men believe in the cornerstone of American culture: individuality and the absolute inalienable right people have to chart their own course. Black women tend to be conservative and have been instilled with values that are often quite compatible with conservative white men.

In my viral video about why black women and white men are more suited for one another than you might think, there were several white men who said they would marry a beautiful and conservative black woman practically on the spot, because…unicorns.

Conservative white guys who love black women, holla!!

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